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Oncology Analysis

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Oncology Analysis

The Hoffmann-Krueger analysts, researchers and specialist are fully dedicated to the oncology market in order to understand, identify and track therapeutical algorithms, oncology clinical trials, pipeline products.

The Hoffmann-Krueger annual Oncology Report offers a unique perspective in oncology, we will highlight your cancer strategy.

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For industry insiders and the investment sector, Hoffmann - Kruger Ltd, support value-enhancing business decisions with proprietary insight into the commercial and financial prospects of the pharma and biotech industry, clients rely on this analysis and data to make informed, knowledgeable decisions.

Staff of highly credentialed and experienced professionals: PhDs, MDs, MPHs, Pharmacists, MBAs and key industry experts. Hoffmann - Kruger Ltd provide the pharmaceutical, biotech and financial services industries with the analytics they need to compete and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Unique expert capabilities

With teams located across developed and emerging pharma markets, we are uniquely placed to understand local cancer trends and provide accurate and reliable recommendations. Our experts are able to share data and resources to produce the most authoritative and robust oncology market intelligence.

 Cutting-edge delivery

Available through single reports or via subscription to our state-of-the art online intelligence service that features intuitive design and interactive capabilities, our analysis offers the definitive platform to enhance your product management, market assessment and strategic planning.

  • Country : Spain | France | Germany | Japan | United Kingdom | Italy | United States
  • Cancer Type : Prostate C | HNC OC Pharyn | Breast cancer HER 2 negative | Breast cancer | Lung SCL | Esophageal | Urinary Bladder | Pancreatic | HCC | Ovarian Cancer | HNC Laryn | Breast cancer HER 2 positive | Lung NSCLC | Endometrial | Colorectal Cancer | Melanoma | Gastric | Cervical Cancer | Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) Sarcoma | HNC
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