About Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting


Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting is a specialized and independent oncology data provider.We make the connections between scientific innovations, medical needs and market opportunities.


Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting delivers strategic perspectives and market insight solutions that proactively address challenges and opportunities for portfolio and pipeline products. We organize conferences, publish reports, and provide consultancy services for pharmaceutical and healthcare partners.


We have built a strong international reputation for covering oncology and pharmaceuticals healthcare critical topics and investigating issues that other information providers will not. Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting is a cross-functional industry experts group covering 17 countries in oncology market research, cancer business forecasting and brand management.


Our clients are mainly in charge of  :


New oncology products, Business development and licensing,Strategic and finance planning, oncology market research and Product management – within pharmaceuticals , biotech, and investment companies.  For more information on how we support decision-making in each specific area please select the key department or send us an email.


We are looking forward to working with you

Hoffmann & Krueger is a company specialized in oncology that

  • Provides web-enabled insights and predictive analytics via proprietary databases, high-value analytical reports and tools
  • Enables customers to make fully-informed key investment and cost containment decisions in every aspect of the business, science, politics, lifecycle
  • Proprietary content and data streams created in-house through a rigorous, highly-analytical, knowledge-driven process
  • Staff are highly-credentialed and experienced professionals PhDs, MDs, MPHs, Pharmacists, MBAs and key industry experts. Hightly competent people with talent, drive and commitment who can achieve wonders, while rising above market medians
  • Global scale and reach with offices in Geneva, and the UAE

Our values

"We will be successful if our clients are successful"


Keep our client information confidential

Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting is a company driven by innovation. In a highly competitive business environment, the critical point for our future success and of being reliable and trustworthy is our ability to protect, properly use, and effectively key information assets. In our business, managing information assets effectively and responsibly is essential to our success. Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting strongly respect the intellectual property. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards in order to maintain the appropriate degree of confidentiality and privacy


Put the partners’ interest ahead of our own

We are looking to collaborate with partners whom value our service and who meet appropriate standards of legitimacy and integrity. Our success depends on our ability to be effective in our interactions with our partners. This is increasingly obvious as we continue to expand and integrate our professional network. We treat our partners with whom we do business with respect, fairness, and dignity. 


Keep our Value

As an independent company, Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting We treasure our independence of mind and we want to be able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views. Our company wants to have the freedom to do what we think is right.

Oncology Lifecycle Management

Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting provides oncology market research, data management and analysis to extend your brand life and protect your investment. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies hope for a recovery in R&D productivity to replace aging product. But the pharmaceutical research performances create a new product drought. Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting helps you to build your future.  Our Team provides marketing insight, in order to model Patient-flow and support brand teams to build high quality strategic forecast. 





Our epidemiological analyses use only the most relevant and representative studies, and are based on a clear, quantifiable methodology, oncology databases, and cancer journals. Our coverage of indications incorporates both age- and gender-specific disease population estimates for the seven major markets (the US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK), in addition to 10-year forecasts





Emerging Markets

Oncology data and insight for emerging markets

The acronym BRIC - stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China - Is shorthand for both emerging markets which are growth leverage for mature companies. BRIC is the place where economic conditions are rebounding more quickly than in mature markets. The policies reforms trend aimed at creating profitable business environments.


The Brazilian government, for instance, launched a new pharmaceutical practice program with the target to improve the efficiency of the country’s public pharmaceutical distribution system. While Mexico looks poised to pass anti-trust legislation. The medical unmet need, the epidemiology and cultural difference are the key factor of the new cancer business models in these countries. This means that a pharmaceutical company cannot take a mature market strategy, apply it and try to force it to work in emerging countries. A single approach to improving medical care is difficult, inappropriate, and inequitable.


Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting strongly believe that the key success factors in emerging markets, is to adopt a new business models.

Hoffmann & Krueger Consulting invested, built and developed a strong network with the local emerging market experts, to provide data, analysis and help to our client to make the right decisions with confidence.