As forecasting is not a mathematics exercise ; Hoffmann &Krueger consulting analyse oncology market, combine risk and opportunities analysis to the decisionmakers so they can make more informed decisions.

Forecasts may be done at different level corporate, country, or business unit level. Each forecast has differing kind of data required.  Hoffmann &Krueger consulting is specialized on oncology and investigating issues that other information providers are not able to do, our oncology forecast help you to face up to future


  • Give an accurate picture of oncology future.


  • Forecast forces examination of current strategic assumptions.


  • Offer aid in decision-making, and action


  • Forecasting is a measure of uncertainty.


  • Our forecast, provides a comprehensive view of our assumptions, including epidemiology, pricing, and compliance.


  • Hoffmann &Krueger analysis maps the connections between input variables and forecast outputs.


  • Our approach is a combination of epidemiologic methodology and market view.


  • We validate our model and assumptions using statistical tools customized for oncology such as Monte-carlo, and Markov.